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In the Business of Sustainability

Lofoten Bed & Breakfast is a local, family-run business in the village of Reine. Since we founded our business, there have been a lot of developments in environmental thinking and sustainability. To help ensure that Lofoten remains the beautiful natural paradise it is today, we want to contribute toward sustainability in the best way possible. We are proud that Lofoten Bed & Breakfast was Eco-Lighthouse certified in May 2021.

Locally Anchored

As a locally anchored business, we believe it is important to include the local population in our projects and operations, especially when it comes to the island’s children and teenagers.

Children from the area’s primary school help create Christmas and Easter decorations for use on the properties, while students from Vestvågøy secondary school in Leknes help build outdoor furniture and other items that we have in the garden.

Bee & Bee Hotel

At Lofoten Bed & Breakfast, our goal is to have a colourful, flowering garden that serves as a sanctuary for bees and other insects. Although the grass is allowed to grow in our garden, we have made nice paths that you can follow while enjoying its natural beauty. Sometimes, the grass gets a little out of control. We have therefore entered into an agreement with a local goat that occasionally comes over and cleans things up.

We also like to use surplus materials to create arts and crafts. You will find homemade bee and insect hotels in the garden that are doing a good job of increasing biodiversity.

Garden to Table

We do not have many berry bushes on the property, but we use what we can from the ones we have. As of today, we have red currants, raspberries and rhubarb growing in the garden. If you visit during the berry seasons, you may get to enjoy homemade jam for breakfast. Of course, we also welcome our guests to pick berries straight from the bush.

We are constantly working to further develop our kitchen garden and we hope that, in time, the old greenhouse from the 1950s will also be restored.


Composting and Waste Management

We compost our own garden waste as well as any food waste from the breakfast kitchen and guestrooms. The compost is used as soil and fertilizer for our berry bushes.

We have also invested in new, stylish waste management furniture, which encourages our guests to sort food, plastic, paper, and residual waste for proper disposal.

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Any questions? You will find answers on our FAQ page. To help you plan, we have information about how to get to Reine and Sørvågen. You may also be interested in reading about our commitment to sustainability in Lofoten.


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