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We are Lars and Therese, your hosts at Lofoten Bed & Breakfast. In 2006, we met each other in Lofoten. With love for Lofoten’s unique nature and eventually for each other, we have slowly but surely built up what has become Lofoten Bed & Breakfast.

Together with our three children, Sander, Simen and Tiril, we now run two family businesses – Lofoten Bed & Breakfast and Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure. We are often out guiding tours into our region’s spectacular nature, so we share the hosting role with other friendly Lofoten enthusiasts, who can be found most of the day at the Bed & Breakfast or out in the garden.

Lars is a true “Lofotværing” – a native Lofoten resident. He was born and raised in a remote area of Lofoten. In addition to being our indispensable handyman at Lofoten Bed & Breakfast, Lars is the captain of Trio II, our local fishing boat. He is happy to share his knowledge of Lofoten fishing on our regular fishing trips, which you can also take part in.

Therese was born and raised on Nøtterøy in the Oslofjord. She has an accounting degree but has always been drawn to a life outdoors. In 2005 she visited Lofoten for the first time on holiday, and by the following year she had packed up her things and moved north to start a new life in her own little paradise. She is currently responsible for the daily administration of Lofoten Bed & Breakfast, as well as working as a guide in the Lofoten Mountains and as RIB skipper

About the Building

The building that today houses Lofoten Bed & Breakfast in Reine, was built in 1948 as the administration building for the power company A/S Tennesanlegget, which later became Lofotkraft. At that time, the building consisted of offices, technical rooms, warehouse space, a food/potato cellar, and housing for the company’s director, Aksel Haugen, and his wife. Later, the warehouse space was converted into employee housing for engineer Fygle, who worked at the facility from 1949 to 1959. Ms. Haugen, the building’s housekeeper, along with her daughter also got their own apartment in the building. Having something of a green thumb, Ms. Haugen had a lush and colourful garden, including her own greenhouse, a rarity at the time. The garden also had a small pond with water lilies.

Lars-Åge and Therese bought the building in 2011, and within a year had already welcomed their first guests at the bed and breakfast. Although the building’s current appearance is quite different than its original style, Lars-Åge and Therese have worked to preserve its old charm and history.

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Any questions? You will find answers on our FAQ page. To help you plan, we have information about how to get to Reine and Sørvågen. You may also be interested in reading about our commitment to sustainability in Lofoten.


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