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Experience Lofoten Fishing All Year Round

Join Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure aboard the Trio II, a 70 foot historic fishing boat

Lofoten Fishing
Fishing in Lofoten is a bucket list item for many of our guests. There’s always fish in the sea, although they don’t always bite on the first try. Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure offers fishing trips year-round. Cod, saithe/pollock, haddock, ling, redfish, mackerel and catfish are amongst the most common fish to catch. Lofoten fishing is hard work, so we work in teams to help each other pull up the big fish. We’ll usually set course towards the maelstrom at Lofotodden.

Day Trips
Day trips with the Trio II last for four hours. Once aboard, it usually takes 45 minutes to get to the good fishing spots. While at sea, you can enjoy panoramic views of the dramatic Lofoten Wall. On the way back to our base you’ll likely get to watch as the captain guts the fish. Keep your eyes open, as eagles may swoop down to get some easily accessible food.

Explore with Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure

Get close to Lofoten’s wildlife and the Lofotveggen mountain range aboard a RIB boat, join nature walks or more demanding mountain hikes, or test life as a real fisherman on a protected, historic fishing boat.

Fishing Trips

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